Anonymous said: When I'm sad I just watch your video "grind on me" and I feel so much better hahaha~

omfg lol thanks xD

Anonymous said: aaahh omfg you are so fucking hot!! i love you soo much<3 when is your next youtube video coming out?

haha as soon as i know what to do for the video lol

Anonymous said: Are you interested in anybody atm?

i dont really know just keeping myself open. whatever happens, happens haha

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"Going down on a girl you care for is like drinking your favorite juice from your favorite cup."
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Anonymous said: Babe... why are you so short!!! :( im like crying right now... by the way im 5'10. I still think you're hot tho :p

you are literally taller than me by an inch. haha thanks tho xP

Anonymous said: u r soooooooooooooo hott

cool me down

Anonymous said: When are you planning to come back to Korea

ive been to korea only once and i was born in the states so i have no idea

Anonymous said: U r sooo hot

thanks lol