hangooksarahm's appreciation post: body, face and mouth

hahahaha thanks for the love lolol

(via hyungbae)

Anonymous asked: are you single and ready to mingle? (: -a girl from your class

haha yes and yes. any hints on who you are? lol

Beanie days because I need a haircut. Lulz

Beanie days because I need a haircut. Lulz

Anonymous asked: Let's plan a vacay and let's cuddle whole day and night. 😋

cuddle only if you’re a girl haha…sorry bros

Anonymous asked: I sex you! 😙

lol whut? 

Anonymous asked: oppa, you're so handsome you're killing me softly ;;;;

haha nooo! how can i revive you? ahaha

Anonymous asked: you should do a cockinasock


Anonymous asked: plan a vacay with a stranger?

well, you would have to be over 18..or 21 ideally lol. 21 because i will be 21 when i officially go on the vacation haha. we can skype, etc. to get to know each other and whatnot hahaha..who knows? it sounds fun lol

anyone down to plan a vacation with me? haha..this is for realzz

Anonymous asked: I fight depression really hard. It's hard for me to get up, mostly because i've only got pain to look forward too and I know that but I do it. An If I can do it I know you can. This year I did something I haven't done in over 11 years, I went on Vacation and reset. I didn't talk to anyone from home while I was gone and I just let myself go, and that was the best thing I ever did. Maybe you just need to reset?

i hope you are feeling better, and i hope you continue to persevere throughout all your future battles.

i probably will end up heeding your advice and plan a vacation very soon haha.